Local Organizing Toolkit

The US Solidarity Economy Network is working with local Solidarity Economy groups to put together a toolkit to help local organizers.

Views of the Solidarity Economy - A powerpoint slideshow with visual examples of a wide range of solidarity economy practices. The slideshow generally attempts to highlight a sector such as the cooperative movement or community supported agriculture and use a specific example as an illustration, rather than attempting to include hundreds of individual examples. This is a work in progress, so if you have suggestions about additions or revisions, please let us know. (Views of the Solidarity Economy)

Solidarity Economy Concepts - a slideshow that introduces the concept of the solidarity economy (Solidarity Economy Concepts - Powerpoint)

Stepping Stone Exercise - a participatory exercise that provides information about a wide range of SE practices. It also provides an opportunity to discuss, critique, and elaborate on the wide array of solidarity economy initiatives. (Stepping Stone Exercise - Word doc)