Solidarity Economy Concepts

This report by Yvon Poirier and Emily Kawano outlines both the historical emergence and the contemporary possibilities of a solidarity economy movement in the North American context. July 2008.

This power point can be used as a tool in "Solidarity Economy 101" workshops and presentations to offer a basic framework for thinking about solidarity economics and solidarity economy organizing. (Note: Notes and an accompanying audio presentation to supplement this power point will be coming soon...).

An introduction to diverse concepts and definitions of "solidarity economy," with voices from SE theorists and practitioners around the world. By Jenna Allard and Julie Matthaei, USSEN (2007).

An introductory booklet about solidarity economics as a set of concepts and organizing practices. By Ethan Miller (2003).

A tool to place solidarity economy initiatives into a "whole economy" context and to facilitate discussion regarding possible areas for relationship-building and strategic intervention. By Ethan Miller.

by Emily Kawano, Cayapa, vol. 10, núm. 19, enero-junio, 2010, pp. 50-64
Centro Internacional de Investigación e Información sobre la Economía Pública, Social y Cooperativa
Mérida, Venezuela (Spanish version)

This paper looks at the many solidarity economy practices that exist all around us and why we need to build a whole new economic paradigm starting with the basic unbalanced concept of economic man.

SEN is part of a RIPESS global consultation & dialogue about the vision, definitions, and concepts of the social solidarity economy. The goal is to move toward greater common understanding about areas of broad agreement and those areas where there are divergences. The attached background document provides an overview of discussions that RIPESS has been having over the course of two or three years. The continental dialogues will feed into a session on SSE vision and definitions at the 5th International Meeting of the Social Solidarity Economy in Manila, Oct. 15-18, 2013.