Join the Network

Who Can Join USSEN?

Network membership is open to organizations, enterprises and individuals who share the mission of the network and actively works to promote its values, visions and practices.

Cost of membership - sliding scale

What is a sliding scale?

It is a tool for building economic justice into our structure, and it requires your active participation. People paying on the higher end of the scale make it possible for membership to be affordable for others. If your organization is covering the cost, we ask that, depending on the size of your organization, you pay accordingly. For individuals, please consider both your income and wealth (eg. property, investments, access to family money, trust funds, and other forms of savings) when choosing your payment. Everybody’s situation is different and in the end, you need to assess your own ability to pay. We just ask that you try to practice economic solidarity.

How much should I pay?

For individuals, here’s the breakdown of income groups in the U.S., just to give you a sense of your relative income:
Low <$30,000 (bottom two fifths of income earners)
Middle $30-60,000 (middle two fifths of income earners)
High: >$60,000 (top fifth of income earners)
For organizations:
Small <$100,000
Medium $100,000-300,000
Large >$300,000

Organization/Enterprise Membership

Organization/enterprise members are entitled to one vote each in the decision-making structure of the network. Dues for organizations & enterprises are on a sliding scale of $100-250 per year.

Individual Membership

Individuals are non-voting members of the Network, but are encouraged to participate in all activities, discussions and debates. Dues for individuals are on a sliding scale of $25-50 per year.

Benefits of USSEN Membership

  • Being part of a learning community that will improve our individual as well as collective capacity to understand key issues, and articulate our shared strategic vision
  • Learning about new programmatic and policy approaches that can be applied in our local context
  • Having opportunities for joint projects with other USSEN members
  • Giving and receiving solidarity with other members in support of our individual initiatives.