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The Sharing Economy Worldwide MapJam

For two weeks in October, people all over the world gathered to make maps. Thanks to these map jams, 55 cities from Rome and Asheville, to Melbourne, Paris, Austin, Santa Cruz, Barcelona and many more now have public maps of sharing services that exist locally. As a whole, we have the beginnings of a global sharing map.

Policies for Shareable Cities

Policies for Shareable Cities: A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders is a guide to innovative, high impact policies that US city governments have put in place to help citizens share resources, focusing on sharing policy innovations in food, housing, transportation, and jobs.

Brazil Blossoms as Solidarity Economy Beacon

Brazil is leading the world in economic transformation with an elaborate movement-based network structure, forums, associations and government support, most of it accomplished just in the last 7 years.

Electric Coops - a brief history

Global Consultation & Dialogue about Social Solidarity Economy

SEN is part of a RIPESS global consultation & dialogue about the vision, definitions, and concepts of the social solidarity economy. The goal is to move toward greater common understanding about areas of broad agreement and those areas where there are divergences. The attached background document provides an overview of discussions that RIPESS has

reRoute Convergence: Building Youth and Student Power for a New Economy

This summer join a diverse new generation of innovators and organizers from across the US and Canada to share strategies, tools, and stories about our work creating a more democratic, just, and sustainable economy from the ground up in our communities and on our campuses. reRoute: Building Youth and Student Power for a New Economy will bring together activists in their 20s and 30s dedicated to systemic change, July 19-21 at New York University.

How to Map the Solidarity Economy in Your City

You can create a powerful tool to organize the new economy in your community in just a few hours using this "how-to map" guide.

Reading considers co-ops to boost economy

Officials held a meeting last week to talk about worker cooperatives.

By Don Spatz
Reading Eagle
Some two dozen city officials and others met for three hours Friday to address one question: How can Reading foster creation of worker-owned cooperatives as part of an urgent effort to turn around the economy.

“This can be another approach in the toolbox as we try to invigorate the economy,” said Eron Lloyd, special assistant to Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer.

Lloyd spoke to an audience of business leaders, union representatives and consultants meeting at United Community Services on Hiesters Lane.

And the stakes are high, said Lawrence P. Murin, also a special assistant to the mayor.

“If we fail, the consequences are dire,” Murin said at the opening session before the group began private discussions on the possibilities.

New Yorkers consider worker cooperatives as part of long-term recovery from Superstorm Sandy

Four months on, homes and business in many of New York City's outlying areas remain abandoned since Superstorm Sandy swept along the Eastern Seaboard. Thousands of people remain displaced. Residents of Far Rockaway, Queens, one of the neighborhoods struck hardest, are working not just to recover from the storm, but also from the long-running effects of poverty they say were prevalent before Sandy arrived. FSRN's Peter Rugh has more:

Young Adults: Win a Grant to Start a Sharing Project!

Are you interested in starting a sharing project, or know someone who is? Then you should apply for a seed grant from Shareable! This brand-new pilot program offers small grants and technical support to students and young leaders under 30 to help them catalyze a sharing project in their communities.

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